November 28, 2016

You Are Your Only Limit

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 

I have rotational scoliosis. 

I developed it in my teen years, but wasn't officially diagnosed until I was almost 30. A friend noticed my collar bones were uneven, like an inch off. Me thinking maybe my back was out, went to visit a chiropractor. Really?!?! Who's collar bones can be that out of line? After my first visit with the chiro he said I was definitely out of alignment and suggested we do an X-ray. Sure enough, there it was!! 27 years I went thinking my rib hump was some ribs out of place. So, another tidbit, most peeps with rotational scoliosis have a rib hump. Because my torso is twisted, one side of my rib cage jots out. Kinda funny looking when I'm at a healthy weight. Ok, now to the point of my story... Today I was doing diagonal push-ups and it was the first time I noticed my range of motion and strength was a bit one sided. No big deal! Push through, get stronger! I also noticed when I stretched my shoulder out, one side of my upper body has 25% more flexibility?!? Yup, I'm totally crooked! But you know what?? I will keep pushing and get stronger. When you have tough days, you are your only limit. 

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